Are you looking for the best HDPE Pipe manufacturer? Let’s see in this article. High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe is a common material that is perfect for various uses, including municipal, industrial, energy, geothermal, landfill, and more. 

Famous HDPE pipe is lightweight, strong, flexible, and long-lasting. Because fusion produces a monolithic HDPE system, the POPULAR HDPE pipe has a 0% leak rate when joined together. There are so many advantages of HDPE pipe liners

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What is HDPE Pipe?

Graded raw materials like PE 63, PE 80, and PE 100 are used to make HDPE pipes. The pipes undergo numerous tests when they are produced. Similar to how there is no harm to human life even if all tests are positive. Because it also transports drinking water. Additionally, it is one of the most extensively used pipes in the world due to its versatility and multipurposeness. It also has a way of connection, inexpensive, and is simple to handle and perform.

Why Should We Use HDPE Pipes?

At the moment, HDPE pipes and fittings are the material of choice. Engineers, clients, and contractors all favor it for various purposes. Industrial, maritime, mining, landfill, and others are agricultural, petroleum, and so forth. Its strong, lightweight, flexible, and durable characteristics are to thank for its appeal. Additionally, you can install these pipes over a distance of many meters. 

Then, all that’s required is to melt the ends of two HDPE pipes together. Due to the seamless pipe design, there won’t be any leaks. The pipe also has a sustainable environmental impact. This is because it is non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, and chemically robust. Additionally, you can use trenchless installation techniques with it. Thus, we can’t think of excuses for not using HDPE pipes.

Best HDPE Pipe Manufacturers

what are best hdpe pipe manufacturers

Following are some top HDPE pipe manufacturers:

1. Celanese Corporation

Hoechst Celanese was formerly known as Celanese Corporation, a Fortune 500 global speciality materials corporation with its worldwide headquarters in Irving, Texas, in the United States. This is one of the most popular HDPE pipe manufacturers. It has 25 manufacturing facilities and six research facilities spread throughout eleven nations, primarily in North America, Europe, and Asia. 

Celanese offers products and services for sectors like aerospace, agriculture, appliances, buildings & construction, coatings, consumer goods, chemicals, energy, industrial, medical & pharma, oil, gas, and mining.

2. Dow

Herbert Henry Dow founded DOW, a publicly traded international chemical business with headquarters in the United States, in 1897. Its main office is in Midland, Michigan, in the United States. Its parent company is Dow Inc., and its well-known international subsidiaries include Dow Corning, Rohm, and Haas. 

They specialize in creating creative, sustainable, chemically sound solutions for packaging and infrastructure. They produce polyethylene and urethane.

3. JM Eagle

J-M Manufacturing, with its headquarters in Livingston, New Jersey, was formed in 1982 after Formosa Plastics purchased eight plants that made up Johns Manville’s plastic-pipe operations. This was the beginning of a series of mergers and acquisitions that led to the creation of JM Eagle. 

A Chinese business tycoon named Walter Wang bought the entire company from Formosa Plastics in November 2005. After acquiring PW Eagle, the country’s second-biggest pipe manufacturer at the time, JM Eagle rose to become the largest PVC pipe producer in the US, with 14 manufacturing facilities spread across the nation.

Cresline Plastic Pipe Co inc

The oldest pipe manufacturer in the country was founded in 1949 and is called Cresline Plastic Pipe. The business offers a complete line of PVC piping products in several applications across the United States. In Henderson, Kentucky, the company erected its first pipe manufacturing facility in 1966. 

Then, in 1973, 1978, and 1985, constructed factories in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, Council Bluffs, Iowa, and Corsicana, Texas. In 1992, the Swanson Company’s pipe manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona, was acquired by Cresline-West, Inc.

Gill Kenya

In 1972, Gil Kenya General Industries Limited (Gil) started operations. At first, it produced a variety of injection-molded and extruded plastic goods, composite cans, and paper cores for the textile and packaging sectors.

They broadened our business operations in 1996 and started producing uPVC pipes because they had accumulated enough expertise using injection molding machines. 

HDPE Pipe For Water Supply Menu Features

what are best hdpe pipe manufacturers

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) raw materials and premium PE100 pipe grades are the best to create HDPE pipes. We use our products’ highest level of raw materials and the newest manufacturing technology to provide the best HDPE Pipes to our clients. 

The supplied range’s dimensional accuracy, outstanding sturdiness, and excellent corrosion resistance are advantages of HDPE pipes for water delivery. Additionally, the manufacturing process includes rules and guidelines established by the sector to maintain quality standards. HDPE Pipes Factory in China.

Advantages of HDPE

Long-term dependability and potable water safety; resistance to corrosion, tuberculation, and deposits.

  • Ability to adapt to expedite installations
  • Resistance to freezing-break
  • Compact and transportable
  • Low scrap value, preventing theft in the workplace
  • Resilience and toughness to withstand installations on the Jobsite
  • There are numerous fitting and connecting choices, with no usage of a flame.
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable materials
  • Heat fusible for almost leak-free operation

Hdpe Pipe(Polyethylene Pipe) Usage Area

  • HDPE Pipe for drinking water projects, o HDPE Pipe for potable water networks,
  • Pressure water HDPE pipe,
  • Lower pressure Polyethylene Pipes for non-pressure water pipelines,
  • You can use HDPE pipe as PE 80 Pipe or PE 100 Pipe for natural gas pipes,
  • PE Pipes for the petroleum industry
  • Industrial area HDPE 100 Pipe,
  • HDPE 100 Pipes are suitable for pool construction,
  • Fish farms area use HD PE 100 Pipe.
  • HDPE 100 pipes can also drain sea outfalls in HDPE dredger piping projects.


The pipe system uses high-density polyethene (HDPE) fittings in residential and commercial contexts. They are a well-liked option due to their safety, affordability, and usability. 

However, engineers constantly develop new methods to enhance their functionality and design. Even yet, the unique design elements of these fittings have always made them safe to install because they stop leaks from developing on piping systems in homes or companies. After reading this article, you may now know the biggest HDPE pipe manufacturers.