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SealSleeve™ for Rubber & PU Linings

Reliable & Economical Slurry Transport

Owners of slurry pipelines often want to use an Why SealSleeve™? abrasion-resistant internal lining to ensure the pipeline lasts. However, mechanical joints have historically been required for lined pipe and the cost can be prohibitive – particularly for higher pressures.

LPS’ SealSleeve™ system allows for standard fullpenetration welded joints and fast construction of pipe internally lined with rubber and polyurethane.SealSleeve™ is lined with the same polymer as the pipe and has built-in insulation and seals that permit lining continuity through weld zone.

LPS technology makes projects economically feasible that otherwise would not be while eliminating the possibility of leaks that are common with mechanical joints.

Reliable : Rubber and polyurethane linings provide optimal long-term abrasion & corrosion protection.

Cost effective : Far less expensive than flanged joints. Far longer-lasting than pipelines without a lining.

Leak-free : Welded joints are stronger than mechanical joints and eliminate the possibility of leaks.

Permits field bends : Eliminates the need for shop-fabricated custom hot bends on long distance slurry lines.

Easy field length adjustments : Length adjustments / tie-ins with mechanical joints can add weeks or months to a project.

Mechanical joints are expensive, weaker than the pipe wall, and leak-prone

Full penetration welded joints are cost-efficient, as strong as the pipe wall, and leak-free.

How It Works

SealSleeve™ lining thickness and pipe end preparation adjusted to meet project requirements.

Cost of Flanges vs. SealSleeve™

20 Year Cost of Unlined Pipe vs. Lined Pipe w/ SealSleeve™

(Bare steel wear rate varies greatly based on slurry, but is order of magnitude higher than rubber or polyurethane lining)

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