What’s Your Solution to Internal Corrosion?

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Internal Sleeve Innovation

Carbon steel pipe with welded joints provides optimal strength and ductility for pipelines. However, carbon steel will corrode without good external and internal protective coatings.

The big question is: what’s the best way to protect the interior steel of the weld zone from corrosion?

The options are limited and Lined Pipe Systems’ FlexSleeve® is the simplest and most effective. It’s easy to install, permanently keeps liquid from reaching the joint, and permits fast pipeline construction.

The FlexSleeve® represents a quantum leap from the heavy, stiff internal sleeves that have been on the market for decades.

What separates FlexSleeve® from the rest?

Flexibility : Thin-gauge assembly adjusts to pipe shape for easy insertion & consistent seal quality.

Sealing : Bore seals accommodate pipe ID tolerances and seal at any pipeline pressure.

Weld Quality : Flexibility allows for a better fit, easier root pass, and more consistent weld quality.

Heat Resistance : Wider sleeve & thicker insulation reduces heat impact & does not slow down welding.

Large Diameters : Accommodates out of round pipe

Automatic Welding : Compatible with internal lineup clamps & automatic welding

How It Works

The Higher The Pressure, The Tighter The Seal

FlexSleeves completely seal off the weld zone from liquid by utilizing pipeline pressure to activate the patent-pending Bore Seals. FlexSleeves consistently pass hydrostatic pressure tests up to 4,437 psi (306 bar)… with holes through the pipe or without out any weld at all!


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