Lined Pipe Systems will be presenting a white paper at the 2023 OTC conference on their new welded joint system, called SealSleeve™, for steel pipe with thermoplastic pull-through liners.  Thermoplastic liners provide an optimal solution for safely transporting hazardous liquids and aggressive slurries. However, a welded joint system that protects the weld zone with the plastic liner AND permits fast joint assembly has eluded the industry… until now.

LPS’ Chief Technology Officer, Anisio Silva, stated, “We are solving the construction efficiency problem with other welded joint systems.  SealSleeve™ is the only welded joint solution that permits rapid field construction of pipe with thermoplastic liners. This opens the door to using specialty thermoplastic liners for high temp sour service, and using HDPE liners for pipelines constructed with J-Lay and S-Lay vessels – where every minute at the joint counts.”

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Watch a SealSleeve Hydrotest Video