LPS’ FlexSleeve® is designed to disrupt the way larger diameter internally coated pipelines are constructed. Before now FlexSleeve has been used in 20+km of 24”, 28”, 36”, and 38” diameter water pipelines, proving its functionality and construction speed as compared to manual internal joint coatings.

LPS was contracted to make 52” diameter FlexSleeves for “tie-ins” on a desalinated water pipeline in Morocco, North Africa. When a long pipe section (a “string”) is connected to the rest of a pipeline it’s called a “tie-in”.

Workers are manually coating the welded joints for the mainline welds, but the contractor is starting to use FlexSleeve® for the tie-in welds. This prevents the need for workers to travel far into the pipeline to manually coat the joints – a time-consuming and dangerous task that often results in poor joint coating quality.

FlexSleeve is faster, safer, and provides more consistent internal joint protection than manual internal joint coatings.