FlexSleeves installed in a challenging offshore environment have been inspected after 4.5 months in service to reveal they are in perfect condition and properly protecting the interior of the weld joint from corrosion. The FlexSleeves were installed in a 6” diameter produced water line operating at 103 – 124 bar (1,500 – 1,800 psi) in a location with turbulent flow at 4m / second. The operating temperature of the line is 43° – 88°C (110° – 190°F).

The head of integrity at the oil company said, “If FlexSleeve® can work in this environment then it can work anywhere in our network of internally coated pipe.”

After 4.5 months of service, the pipeline was inspected during a scheduled outage using a telescopic video camera. FlexSleeve looked exactly how it’s supposed to and no evidence of metal corrosion at the welded joint area was witnessed.

Video still shows FlexSleeve with seals intact at turbulent flow location after 90 deg. Elbow.

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