A Disruptive Technology Solving the Largest Problem in Pipeline Infrastructure


  • Disrupting ~$1B market with limited competitive options
  • Traction: 430+ installed to date. Won prestigious 2021 innovation award 
  • Intellectual Property: 2 patents issued & several pending. $3+M spent in R&D
  • >50% Gross Margin Projected: Better function, lower cost & faster lead time than competitors
  • Experienced Team: 120+ combined years in pipeline construction & corrosion protection

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LPS technology solves the largest problem for many of the world’s pipelines: how to protect the interior of welded pipe joints from corrosion. After lengthy tests and trials, our products are being installed and client inquiries are streaming in.

We are starting a Series B fundraising round to scale manufacturing capacity and build our team ahead of expected rapid growth.

This is a unique stage to invest in LPS: The advantages of the technology and large hole in the market have never been in question. But we needed to prove the product was easy to install and functioned well. That box has been checked and now it’s just a matter of time before LPS technology is widely adopted.

Big Market, Big Problem, Few Solutions

Internal corrosion is the largest problem in pipeline infrastructure, and LPS technology permanently solves the problem for significantly less cost than other less-effective solutions.

Low Investment Risk

LPS technology has been successfully installed in more than 400 pipeline joints and has passed tests required by water agencies and oil companies. The lack of other good solutions means that LPS technology will quickly gain more traction.

Green Technology

LPS technology makes pipelines last. Not only does it help prevent leaks but it prevents the need for pipeline replacement, an unnecessary yet all too common contributor to carbon emissions and local environmental disruption.

Low Current Valuation

Long sales cycle and approval process for pipelines means current revenue does not reflect the actual stage of LPS technology nor the amount of serious client inquiries.

Large Valuation Increase Imminent

Valuation will skyrocket once first multi-million dollar project is won because many more pipelines in need of a better solution will follow suit. ROI of 10X – 20X is likely within 3 years.

Massive Growth Opportunity

Almost every pipeline in the world is the market. LPS technology permits lowest total construction cost (by a large margin in most cases) and will quickly take market share from established companies.

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an individual

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  • whose net worth is over $1m (individually or jointly with spouse) excluding primary residence, OR

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