LPS provided FlexSleeves for weld trials and demonstrations for two oil companies with operations in Southern California. Contractors who worked with competitor internal sleeves for 10+ years were surprised at how easy it was to install and weld FlexSleeve.

In a summary of the first trial, a senior technical leader wrote, “The FlexSleeve is preferred over the [competitor] Sleeve due to its flexibility and conformity to the ID of the pipe, its lighter weight, the reduced internal coating prep requirements and the associated prep time leading to increased productivity.”

The second weld trial yielded a similar response from those who had worked with competitor sleeves for years, and LPS is being contracted to provide FlexSleeves for installation and evaluation in operational lines.

The innovations LPS has incorporated into FlexSleeve allow for easier installation, better sealing, better weld quality, better heat resistance, and faster construction. Due to these innovations, LPS is quickly penetrating the market for pipelines requiring a solution to protect the weld joint from internal corrosion.

About Lined Pipe Systems

Lined Pipe Systems was formed in 2017 to solve one of pipeline infrastructure’s most challenging problems: how to protect the interior of steel welded pipe joints from corrosion. Their welded joint system changes the way internally lined pipelines are built by permanently protecting the weld joint from corrosion and permitting fast pipeline construction. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.