LPS is providing FlexSleeves for a major water infrastructure pipeline for COPASA, the Water Authority of the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The project, named “Sistema São Francisco” consists of a 28” diameter (DN 700) and 24” diameter (DN 600) x 92km pipeline that is transporting much needed treated water from the São Francisco River to the municipality of Montes Claros, one of the most important cities in the northern portion of Minas Gerais, as well as to several smaller municipalities along the pipeline right of way.

The contractor started the project putting people inside the pipe to apply a sealant material to the exposed steel on the interior of the joints. When they heard about LPS’ FlexSleeve® solution they started an evaluation process that included installation and weld trials at the project site as well as a hydrostatic pressure test witnessed by COPASA representatives to verify the ability of FlexSleeves® to seal properly.

The contractor has quickly realized how much faster construction is going using FlexSleeves® instead of humans to line the joints. LPS is providing hundreds of FlexSleeves® for the project, which is expected to be complete by the first quarter 2022

About Lined Pipe Systems

Lined Pipe Systems was formed in 2017 to solve one of pipeline infrastructure’s most challenging problems: how to protect the interior of steel welded pipe joints from corrosion. Their welded joint system changes the way internally lined pipelines are built by permanently protecting the weld joint from corrosion and permitting fast pipeline construction. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.