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FlexSleeve Wins Innovation Award for Water Pipeline

Prior to LPS becoming involved, the contractor was having personnel enter the pipe to apply an epoxy paste over the uncoated steel surface on the interior of the joint. Quality issues were a risk due to poor surface preparation and human error, and the slow process of hand-coating and inspecting the joint patches caused the project to fall far behind schedule.

The contractor and water agency became aware of FlexSleeve part way through construction, and qualified it for use by performing weld and hydrostatic pressure tests. Construction productivity increased 28% after FlexSleeve was introduced to the project and FlexSleeves were used for every 4th joint from that point on.

LPS’ client, OEC, received a prestigious award for “Innovation in Engineering & Infrastructure” for using FlexSleeve on this project. The INOVAINFRA award is voted on by independent jurors from engineering and construction associations and sponsored by the widely read “O Empreiteiro” construction magazine in Brazil.

Project Details

  • Pipeline Details: 28″ & 24″ dia. x 92km potable water pipeline. Spiral welded pipe with butt-strap joints (See pg. 2 for diagram). Internally coated with liquid epoxy.

  • Owner / Location: COPASA Water Authority, Minas Gerais, Brazil

  • Contractor: OEC, subsidiary of Novonor

  • Install Dates: August 2021 – January 2022

  • Quantity of FlexSleeves Installed: 432 ea.

  • Current Status: All FlexSleeve joints passed visual inspection and hydrotests and pipeline was commissioned in April 2022.

  • Video: Watch Now

Innovation award that the contractor received for using FlexSleeve to improve productivity by 28%.
It was considered the most innovative solution of 2021 out of billions of dollars of projects for Novonor.

Diagram showing FlexSleeve used in slip joint construction (butt-strap joints used for this project). FlexSleeve protects the interior of welded pipe joints from corrosion – both for full penetration butt welds and slip joints.

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